Honour God

Why do some find it so hard to give the glory and honour to God. If coincidence was the reason I multiplied this season, or found a job, or went to college, or got a house, or past my driving test ect that would be a lie. Yes everything happens for a reason, that reason … More Honour God

No compromise

No compromise! There should be no excuse. If you want to do something you will do it. So if you want to have a righteous relationship with Christ there will be no excuses humanity will not be your excuse for ever sin, but you will take responsibilities for every action “YOU” choose to take. Just … More No compromise

Put him first

When God gave you a dream or a vision did you for fill it the way he desired you to? Did you consider him in decisions you made? And then we wonder why things don’t go according to plan. Nothing can go right or last without Gods direction. Put him first and everything else will … More Put him first


Connections are deep especially in a relationship term. How can we be wanting a husband when there is no room for him. How can we want a relationship when our soul is still tied to the ex. Ladies if you are single let us be content in it God is preparing you he is shaping … More Connections

Still Voice

The Lord laid in spirit still and voice so I had to see what he wanted me to know. When looking it all came together. He used examples of my day yesterday, my life and my walk. Sometimes he would speak to me and I would be so stubborn I would not listen. Got myself … More Still Voice

Birds Of A Feather

That saying birds of a feather flock together. Only those of the same spirit can be around each other and understand certain doings that to others would seem so wrong. Your spirit attracts to people who are of some way the same as you. That’s why sometimes your spirit will desern someone as you just … More Birds Of A Feather


When we Look at people’s choices and decisions even their lives. We have no idea where they are coming from and most differently not know where they are going. For God has mapped out a path for you only he knows. What you hear from your father in spirit and in truth can only be … More Choices