What a busy week, I was extremely excited for this week this week was the week i was going to further my education. Every time i try to get onto the path God has paved for me the devil enjoys trying to trip me up. Monday night the 27th September was the night before my college enrolment i was so excited could hardly sleep. I remember one of my church sisters ministered in my dream a song called “my help cometh from the Lord” it was so real I woke up singing it Tuesday morning. I prepared my 5 kids made drops and was off to enrol. I got to the college the queue was so long, as they finally opened and started letting the queue through I had realise i was at the wrong site and was told I need to go to Enfield college. I was already frustrated by the wait i ran to the bus stop and made my journey to the other college. I remember saying in my head please Lord let the queue not be like the one I just experienced. As i got to the college i made that dreaded walk down the hall to the course i wanted to enrol in, sat down and said I would like to enrol in you business level 2 course. The lady asked what qualifications do I have I muttered errrrmmmm well i kinda have none. She said to me i wouldn’t be able to enrol on this course as i need at least 3 A-C grades. So livid at this point but held my composure I said “I am not being rude but im not leaving can i not be assesed to see if i am eligible to do the course. She walked to the lady next to her whispered in her ear, the lady said are you sure you wouldn’t like to do business administration as you have the experience i said no! They told me to go upstairs and take a maths and English assesement. As i waited for my results i eagerly went down stairs, i got a level 1 for english and entry level 3 for maths which wasn’t even equivalent for a gsce mark. The lady said she is not sure i f i can get in with these results. So she got back up and called the head of business department. He said he was willing to give me a chance as i was a matture student, had experience with business and my personally statement i said Thank you Lord. I then went upstairs to enrol and had to go first to the fees department as i queued again and got to the front i was asked if i work and i said yes only part time she wrote down my fees and said that will be £1504 i said pardon she repeated i said i can’t afford it said i am sorry but you don’t fit the criteria for free education. I said i have 5 children i cant’t even pay rent much less for an education, she said sorry but it states you are not eligible. She told me to go next door and ask if i can get any help. As i went next door we went through all my papers and the good Lord knocked off £1104 i said Hallelujah Amen!!!! I then had to pay the first instalment today I was like Lord what is happening to day I only had £60 in my purse then I remembered I had child benefit come through i asked if they took part card part cash they said yes queued again I was told full cash. I was almost on the verge of given up I then called my mentor and pastor who gave me encouraging words, reminded me of a bible verse Matthew 7:7 and told me my school fees God will provide and to go for it so I went down the long road drew out the money and came back and paid. Finally I was a student I took my picture and i start on Wednesday 6th September praise be to God I am a business level 2 student. The great news my job are willing to work around my college time table for me to work is God amazing or what.

God will never leave nor forsake you when it is in Gods will for you to do something he will provide everything you need to move forward. I went to church the Sunday and told my testimony and I was offered a check to put towards my school fees God is our provider and he is able to all things for you. My blog is to inspire you that anything is possible no matter how many challenges come your way if it is yours it is yours and no devil in heal can stop you. Guys be encouraged don’t be discouraged.

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