Wow is all I can start to say. Has been a challenging couple of weeks all of a sudden I am starting to have less faith. I have been over thinking all I am trying to achieve and while concentrating on that so much my faith started running low as I started too feel unsure if I was going to for fill what my heart desires.

Last week Friday to Sunday my church had a 3 day revival service. The way the holy spirit filled the place was amazing. After the first service I felt refreshed and renewed, but there was still something missing. Second day i felt the message but there was still something missing. Sunday God spoke to me directly It was all about seeking the kingdom of God first and all thing shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33. Now those who know me will be thinking but you go church every Sunday, your at every prayer meeting, but was I faithfully in my given to God. Looking at all Good was doing of me and is doing was I really putting him first or was I more thinking of the worldly goods I am trying to achieve, my driving test, my car, my house a new job. Then i started thinking was my faith running on low because my concentration was focused on the wrong things. After Sundays message i felt much better and i thought to my self. Once I continue to put GOD and he’s kingdom first all things will be no problem, so have more faith and what is in God’s will will be done in my life, and not to worry for God already knows my needs even before i do so wait on the Lord he I am favoured and blessed. I thank God for he’s people he uses to deliver he’s messages to us and I pray for continuing messages of faith and for him to strengthen he’s messengers. I thank God for City of truth church my home, my family thankful. I pray the Lord will continue to order my steps and strengthen me to do what I do to the best of my ability.

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