So the bible says you should wait for your partner and is not to have sex before marriage well I have gone past that barrier 5kids in 2 baby fathers no husband and still waiting for the one. Then something clicked was I actually ready for a husband I remember watching Juanita Bynum no more sheets she had made some very valued points. I remember her saying “how can you want a husband when you still have Paul and Steve inside you” This is called soul ties ladies, guys that are still in twined with your soul people you have had sex with and have not yet let go of. how will we have space for our husband. Through my life I discovered a long time down the line the importance of waiting for the right one. Now every ones path is different my one was I wasn’t really encouraged in the Lord I mean I knew about God but wasn’t spoken to much about him. I was told to say my prayers and go to bed I didn’t really get to know the real deal of God until I was ready to seek him myself this was when I had my first child. I was in and out of church First one I attended was Rhuach in Brixton with my girl Cecie that church was on fire I got smacked down my the holy spirit. My first encounter with the holy spirit was in my girl Cecies house I was watching Isreal Houghton live in Africa and the song Alpha and Omega came on I started speaking, crying to the lord and I just broke down I felt the presence all over me then I knew it was time to seek him. I then started to go to a church in Broad Lane I can’t even remember the name of it but that church weren’t for me. I then found my home City of Truth introduced to me by my children’s fathers brother here is where I got serious with the Lord. I got baptized September 2010 was one of the best days and decisions of my life. Now I’m not perfect but a little while later I back slid I went back with my children’s father for a night of passion and ended up with my 5th child after going so far I was in work, I was singing in my music ministry at church and bang it was all over in secs. What was I going to do now so I had to start again I had to step down and be ministered to this was the most difficult year of my life. I was so hurt I wanted to sing but I had to lead by example I couldn’t sing and have a belly in front of me knowing I didn’t wait. I understand the importance of waiting and i pray from now till i find my husband i am humble in the Lord. Sometimes it is the crowd we are in, sometimes we need to change our circle. Having a husband takes preparation and God is preparing us when he feels we are both ready to come together he will unit us as one. Until then wait on him for he knows best.

I wrote this the other day “As Christians we all have one thing in common we love The Lord. But my life and experiences make me a different Christian from you as I have endured a different path. So you can’t expect my praise to be the same as yours or my faith to be the same as we all have different stories. We are all individual but together we are on body of Christ. Help one another through your walk as we all have different strengths, do not judge one another because u feel your a better Christian no one is perfect except our saviour Lord Jesus Christ! It doesn’t mean because my path wasn’t the correct one that it can not be corrected. My experiences made me who I am God ordered my step different from yours. My journey has made my love for God even stronger as I realize how much he protected me through my life. Don’t judge no ones perfect some people it’s just a cover but what is in the dark will always come to light. The bible says who are you to see the speck in my eye when you have a plank in yours. Do not judge you only end up looking silly, saying sorry in the end”
I know i’am a working progress and am humble waiting on the right guy be patient it will be worth it in the end!

Remember this “Just like a shoe, if someone is meant for you they will fit perfectly. No forcing, no struggling and no pain”

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