Don’t Judge

As Christians we all have one thing in common we love The Lord. But my life and experiences make me a different Christian from you as I have endured a different path. So you can’t expect my praise to be the same as yours or my faith to be the same as we all have different stories. We are all individual but together we are on body of Christ. Help one another through your walk as we all have different strengths, do not judge one another because u feel your a better Christian no one is perfect except our saviour Lord Jesus Christ! It doesn’t mean because my path wasn’t the correct one that it can not be corrected. My experiences made me who I am God ordered my step different from yours. My journey has made my love for God even stronger as I realise how much he protected me through my life. Don’t judge no ones perfect some people it’s just a cover but what is in the dark will always come to light. The bible says who are you to see the speck in my eye when you have a plank in yours. Do not judge you only end up looking silly, saying sorry in the end…….

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