He’s everything

God is so loving and caring. He’s commands are so simple, he’s promises are so sweet. He is faithful, humble, diligent, graceful, merciful how I love to call he’s name. He is full of passion and desire to do what ever it takes to make us happy asking as we abide in him. I wish you could feel the butterflies I get when I hear he’s name or see the smile on my face when he grants me grace. Who are we without him just lost souls trying to find somewhere to call home Searching for the wrong kind of love when the love we already have and need we can’t see right in front our faces.

Those of you who know him could you imagine your days, hours or even minutes without him? I would feel so weak and dead I would probably feel like I’m dying an instant death. I would probably feel like a zombie walking trying to find a place to call my own. When everything I had in him was like worth more than gold.

Before I go lets talk about he’s word. So trusting and pure. So real and raw. So assuring and demanding. So faithful and rewarding. I’m just trying to say in words how great he’s words are. But I couldn’t even start to sound as good as he’s does. I can only tell you how it makes me feel. I’m just here trying to pass on the greatness of he’s word by sharing it through my words.

This was an expression of my morning glory. Imagine what I could tell you about my life time of grace. When he was there when I turnt my back, when all I wanted was the crap the world had to offer. He kept stretching out he’s hand lifting me back up when all I was doing was falling. Or when every morning I wouldn’t respond to he’s calling. Or when I knew he was soaring in my presence but all I was doing was pouring. When I was so blinded he allowed me to see but I ignored the signs and carried on the ride.

All I can say is I don’t deserve anything he gave me so I will continue to praise thee till my maker come to take me………………


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