Who would of thought?

Who ever knew that I would be able to do what they thought I couldn’t. Watching my children growing up I can see each and every gift God has implemented in them. As I watch their gifts unfold The Lord says to me encourage their goals.

I have a singing artistic, dancing girl age 11. I have a singing, song writing, mathematician girl age 9. I have a talented actor, footballer, dancer boy aged 5. I have a dancing, singing, graceful girl age 3. I have a footballer, independent, loving age 1.

God trusted me to have these children even though my life style I lived never deserved them. But then he turned my wrongs into rights, my dark into light, my lust into love, my violence into kindness, my anger into happiness, my confusion into a vision I could go on……

Thank God for the way he unconditional loves me although I don’t deserve he’s kindness. For everyday I find my self doing something that doesn’t please him whether a thought or my talk or even they way I walk. But continually he loves me abundantly.

A sacrifice he made for me I owe him my life back. So while I live life I will make it my living sacrifice to my 100% best to do why I can to please you. Holy is the way I want to live my life and do right. I had so many years walking away from the light making excuses for my wrongs. So now I’m in the light I will do right!!!!

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