Do Not Conform

Before you get into the season have you looked at the real reason. We are so quick to jump into what society are doing. Blinded by the costumes and views. Did you ever stop to think what spirit you might be inviting in. Trick or treat you claim, while a trick is being placed a … More Do Not Conform

Woman In Waiting

Who wants to be real? I do! Wow this has got to be the longest time, since my teenage years of being in relationships that I have been single. Nearly 3 years is a long time for me. I’m always with someone never really single and if so we broke up and got back together. … More Woman In Waiting


God is about to give you back everything the enemy has taken from you. This year you will rep a harvest. Doors shall open and you will recieve a blessing. You latter will be greater just hold on! (Word of the day) 23 Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD … More Harvest

Soul Ties

This picture is so deep!!! Ladies and gentlemen STOP sleeping with men who are not your husband and women who are not you wife. This soul tie is serious imagine all these guys you have slept with, have a piece of your soul and you have their’s. Your feelings are invested in them literally. Do … More Soul Ties


How much do you value yourself? Do you know how valuable you are? Worth more than silver and gold. A royal gem placed on earth to forfill the will of God. So precious He paid a price for you and died on the cross of cavalry.  Do you really know how valuable you are? Valuable … More Value