Imagine someone………….

Imagine someone who knows you so well and loves you so much. Imagine someone who sees your needs and wants knowing that what you want is temporary but what you need is permanent. Imagine someone who see’s your heart breaking but knows what He has in store for you will mend your broken heart. Imagine someone who knows you so well that their just not ready to give you away yet because they know your not ready. Imagine someone that only wants to see you live eternal life and in your mortal life wants you to be with someone only concerned about your eternal life. Imagine someone so selfless they gave their only begotten son so you could live. Imagine someone so loving they will only give you away when it is right. Imagine someone that has no concerns with age, time, education, children, finances for He provides every need. The worldly things do not faze Him for He can give everything you need. Imagine someone having to look at you everyday seeing how hurt you are knowing if only you would realise your worth how worthy you would be. Imagine someone knowing what is inside of you but your unable to unlock it out of you because fear has entered your mind. Imagine someone knowing all the answers you need lie right beside your bedside cabinet collecting dust (The Word) but your so blind to see. Imagine someone so deep in love with you they let you walk in this world given you free will knowing you will sin against Him but even though He loves you so much. Imagine someone seeing you hurt yourself and others around you everyday but still loves on you daily. Imagine someone has a place were all your cares have gone away and peace has entered your heart, mind and spirit. Imagine someone could you imagine someone……….. God!!!

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