Saying goodbye can be the best hello

Awwww wow! What a season it has been. Every season has ups and downs. However for me this has been the most challenging so far. I have been training my mind to hold on to God’s word. I have been feeling weak mentally, physically and emotionally. Yet still I stand in Him, for I KNOW He has greater plans for me. As doors are closing I can see the light through the crack of the other doors opening.

God has been bringing me through a transition period. Preparing my mind and heart to say goodbye as I embrace the new hellos. I have met some wonderful people along the way and know God set it up for just a season to teach me, mould me and shape me into the woman of God He wants me to be. As I walk in the unknown, I put my entire trust in Him knowing it is well.

Sometimes our walks through life can seem worthless but every path we take has purpose. Every path is for a season or a reason. I have learnt that goodbye are the new hellos. Don’t dwell on your goodbyes but embrace it for a new hello has arrived.


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