God laid this on my heart to be transparent and share with you where my heart has been. I notice when I get to a certain place in my life I want more. Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with wanting more but being content until more happens is what I’m taking about. This is a fine example singleness, now I have been single for a while now (4 years and a bit) and I desire to be married but in my desire to be married I am unaware of the great perks of being single. By being single I get to spend more time with my children and most importantly God. God has given me this assignment in this season to be single and it is import at I enjoy it and do His will while I am in it. Instead I’m not enjoying my singleness because I’m so focused on getting married. Even in marriage many women are now wanting to be single. There are blessings and challenges in all situations and seasons, the best thing you can do is be content in the season you are in. Singleness is not a curse it’s a blessing in its own right. As I write this I minister to myself. To be single is to be one whole and set apart now when I last looked these were some of the things God desired us to be. A word can be taken out of context, it really depends on how you view things is how it will shape your mind. If I chose to see singleness as Gods gift to me in this season then I will be content. If I see it as a curse I will forever be miserable in it. In seasons I go through I know that God has asked me to be still and know that He is God (Psalms 46:10) For me this speaks of His good plan for me and how much He wants me to tuts Him with all my heart. My story has already been written and I must be content in every chapter He writes for me until the end. I must be content in being Gods bride before He gives me to someone else. He wants me to be content this word goes round and round in my mind being humble and content.

When I looked at the meaning of contentment it spoke to me more the definitions says…. To be in a state of happiness and satisfaction. Wow being satisfied where I am and with what I do until I reach my next desired goal or next season. You notice I say until because God is not stagnant He will not leave you in the same season forever. But He will leave you there until you are ready for the next assignment He has assigned to you. You see God is an intentional God He is never failing. All things work for our good. There is a song by Travis Greene called ‘Intentional’ this song speaks volumes. I have had so many confirmations of God’s plan for my life and how all things are working for my good. So this brings me back to being content where I am and in what I am doing.

A quick testimony in July I became unemployed and though I knew it was my season to leave and God had something lined up for me. I was not content because I was worried and anxious about what was going to happen to me next. I was trying to so much during this season and when I finally became content God gave me a job waking distance from my house, I get free lunch and I’m home just around the same time as my children get home what a blessing. But some how believe it or not I still wasn’t content it wasn’t really the job I wanted to do I wanted more. Then suddenly just over this past week I have been humbled and contented with what I am doing where I am. There is such a sense of peace that is upon me. Although it’s still not what I desire I know it’s only for a season and I must trust God where I am until He brings me to my next chapter. When I look at His splendor I am in awe God is so good and I personally can’t get enough of Him. I fall deeper in love with Him daily. I never want to be too far from him. A few verses I was given pertaining to contentment was (1 Timothy 6:6) and (Isiah 26:3) During my season of the waiting and the receiving I have realized why I went through every stage. I have met so many awesome people God has placed in my life. I met old friends and neighbors who are all apart of my new journey in my new job. I will forever sing Gods praises He knows best and I am content with His great plans for my life. To be continued…… When I am content there is peace 🙌


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