Mums You Are Worth The Wait

Are you a Mum in waiting? Well hey it’s nice to meet you I am too. My name is Jasneth I’m 30 years young and a mum of 5. I have been single now for 5 years. Wow God has been doing a work in me. 

In my walk with Christ only of the past few years of my singleness have I felt God preparing me for marriage. Now I use to be that girl that didn’t think I needed a piece of paper to be with a man forever, until I realised its more than just a piece of paper. Marriage is a commitment, a covering, a choice, an investment, a vow, a partnership, a promise, an example and much more. 
As quoted in the beginning I am a mum of 5 and my thoughts use to take me to some places and at times still does. Who would want me with 5 children? Who would take me waiting for sex before marriage seriously? Who can I trust to take leadership of my family? Who would be good around my teenage girls and my precious sons? Who would understand what has happened to my body due to the marks of my children. Should his family approve? A million and one question ran through my mind. I had to then renew my mindset and realise who ever was on the same walk in Christ with me would see beyond my questions and see his wife. 
Maybe there are things in your minds that need to work on before God presents you to your husband. 
Ladies the point of me writing this blog is to let you know. Mums you are worth the wait. Any man who is in Christ is new and old things have passed away. Your past should not define your future and your greatest asset a man should see in you is the fact your raising children awaiting your husband. 
Be encouraged mum in waiting. #desiretoinspiremumsđź’śđź‘‘

4 thoughts on “Mums You Are Worth The Wait

  1. I am a Mom of only 1 and I relate to everything you said in this blog and it inspired me greatly. My name is also Jasneth which is what brought me here. I just joined a dating website so I am single like you and I wanted to see what info came up if I searched my unusual first name. I am glad I found this blog at this moment as I try to reconnect with both my faith and love. I has made me consider this worth the wait principle seriously

    1. This is so lovely to read my fellow (same name ) sister. May you be filled with confidence and worth in your journey to becoming a wife God has set us apart to be. We a royal priest hood. Be encourage in your worth and wait! đź’śđź‘‘

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