Yes I said it I’m not the Father. This Father’s Day I’m not going to be that woman that rates her self for raising children on her own or the woman that bashes the Fathers for not being there. But instead I will be that woman that says Gods got me and mine. He sends away and he replaces. He heals hearts and mends relationships. In His own time what isn’t will be. Until then I remain blameless and keep the line of communication open for access to the children we have. Many men only do what they know and make choices they are free to make. Not everyone is cut out for Fatherhood and this is why I say boldly having babies isn’t a joke. It is a responsibility that is for a life time. I never planned to be a single parent but it just ended up being my story so far. What I can’t do I ask for help and God provides. So today I will not be taking any ratings for being the Father I never planned to be. Instead I will say Happy Fathers Day to those present and not present. I pray your hearts will return to God and also to your children. #desiretoinspiremums 💜

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