No compromise

No compromise! There should be no excuse. If you want to do something you will do it. So if you want to have a righteous relationship with Christ there will be no excuses humanity will not be your excuse for ever sin, but you will take responsibilities for every action “YOU” choose to take. Just … More No compromise


As hard as it seems sometimes that you want to fasten karma. It is not ours to revenge, the battle we face and the people that hurt us it is not ours it is the lords. God works and moves in mysterious ways and cleanses us and removes things from us to renew us the … More Revenge

False Doctrine

Let us not be deceived, lets us not be lead by false doctrines. Let us not be lead in a business kind of church and the focus of growing in numbers and not in spirit and in truth. Lets us run the church the way God wants it to be run not by how man … More False Doctrine


This week has been a week of revelation. I finally made the decision to start following my spirit. Sometimes it can be the hardest thing to do and i decided i wasn’t gonna be disobedient to God. If you have been feeling the same way for so long you need to act on it. I … More Seeking


I will start by saying the battle is not yours it is the Lords. Sometimes i feel like what i am caring is to much for one then i am reminded i am not alone the Lord is by my side. My last baby became 1 years old on the 6th November oh how time … More Battling


Another week has past thank you Father God in a place of insights and finalisation so thankful for Gods grace and mercy upon me. This week has been a tiring week but God gives me strength. Am really excited to take a step of faith and start my journey to my degree in business. Being … More Finalisation


What a busy week, I was extremely excited for this week this week was the week i was going to further my education. Every time i try to get onto the path God has paved for me the devil enjoys trying to trip me up. Monday night the 27th September was the night before my … More Determination