Time is a healer

Many of us jump out of one relationship into the next. I mean look….. I’m just saying that time is a healer.  We must give our bodies and most importantly our emotions time to get over the trauma. Yes I said it trauma. The body is a sensitive vessel. It’s like being knocked over by … More Time is a healer

Sisters in Christ

A friend – a person attached to some one by feeling or affection or personal regard. Synonyms – acquaintance, buddy, associate, mate Antonyms – enemy, foe A sister – having a close relationship with another because of shared interests. Being considered a sister related or by a sister ships. Being one of an identical pair. … More Sisters in Christ


Purity Noun – the condition or quality of being pure, freedom from anything that debases, contaminates, polluted etc God put this word in my spirit this morning so I looked it up the meaning of words are deep and true. He is preparing me for so many things and love how he’s moving in my … More Purity

Facing Reality

You can run but you can’t hide from the truth and the light. Weather now, months or years later you will have to face the reality of what wrongs you have caused. Nothing goes un noticed everything is recorded. I know sometimes it seems like God is allowing the bad people to prosper. But you … More Facing Reality

Mr Ex

Mr Ex……………. I am created by the most high God. A beautiful vessel of Christ yes I now know my beauty. I will no longer be milipilated to love and be treated the way I’m not worth. My heart was broken but now it’s mended. Mr Ex I wish you knew the love I discovered … More Mr Ex