God laid this on my heart to be transparent and share with you where my heart has been. I notice when I get to a certain place in my life I want more. Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with wanting more but being content until more happens is what I’m taking about. … More Contentment 

Time is a healer

Many of us jump out of one relationship into the next. I mean look….. I’m just saying that time is a healer.  We must give our bodies and most importantly our emotions time to get over the trauma. Yes I said it trauma. The body is a sensitive vessel. It’s like being knocked over by … More Time is a healer


Connections are deep especially in a relationship term. How can we be wanting a husband when there is no room for him. How can we want a relationship when our soul is still tied to the ex. Ladies if you are single let us be content in it God is preparing you he is shaping … More Connections


This week i have made a decision. Working and being a mum isn’t easy, but what is even harder is working knowing you ain’t going anywhere in a job you don’t want to be in. Me and retail don’t work well to be honest me and people telling me what to do doesn’t work lol! … More Decisions