How Many Times?

How many times am I going to repent and say never again Lord!  How many times am I going to break your heart? How many times will I know your will but continue to do mine? How many times will I read your word and block it out knowing full well your word commands different! … More How Many Times?

Courting vs Dating

When your COURTING you still WALKING in He’s word doing He’s will. When your DATING you still RATING floating keeping options open. Let God be your FOUNDATION, build a friendship and by then you should know if He/She is the one you be PURSING to be a Husband or a Wife! #DesiretoInspire

Gods Pattern

Are you doing everything according to the pattern meaning are you doing everything according to the order and instruction of The Lord. Believe it or not it’s he’s way or the high way. Then we seat there and wonder why things are not going according to plan. Was the plan agreed with by the lord, … More Gods Pattern


The signs you caught in the end was already shown to you in the beginning. But blinded by the moment and the temptation you couldn’t see the clear signs, until the end became the reflection. Looking back and saw God was warning you from early this situation is not for you. When people say but … More Signs

Road To Success

If there was a short road and a long road to success. But you knew the long road would include you done it properly, it took time to grow, it will last a life time. Or would you take the short road that made you millions at the start, didn’t last long, was only a … More Road To Success

Speak Life

The expectations they had on me was not how they see me now. They put their mouths on me and put me as a stereotype. Even now they smile but not cause I made it but a smile of confusion how did she do it. Grace and mercy of God. If I didn’t find God … More Speak Life