Love does not substitute. It does not love some parts of you and hate other parts. It doesn’t depend on you status you have in life or who you hang around. Love is unconditional what ever your flaws. Love doesn’t switch on and off like a light switch. Love is kind, it doesn’t judge or … More Love

Mr Ex

Mr Ex……………. I am created by the most high God. A beautiful vessel of Christ yes I now know my beauty. I will no longer be milipilated to love and be treated the way I’m not worth. My heart was broken but now it’s mended. Mr Ex I wish you knew the love I discovered … More Mr Ex

Gods Love

Love what is love? Some of us have never experienced it some of us have never excepted it. When you have never got something when it comes sometimes its hard to except. Or when the heart has been hurt so many times we start to create a image of love as our past bad experiences. … More Gods Love