Speak Life

The expectations they had on me was not how they see me now. They put their mouths on me and put me as a stereotype. Even now they smile but not cause I made it but a smile of confusion how did she do it. Grace and mercy of God. If I didn’t find God … More Speak Life


Coming to a place of realisation a place of discovery. Unfolding things you been in a cycle for years and managing to break them is the best place you can be. History can not repeat it self in your life because you have now discovered the cycle and broke it. Sometimes we have this same … More Discovery

He’s everything

God is so loving and caring. He’s commands are so simple, he’s promises are so sweet. He is faithful, humble, diligent, graceful, merciful how I love to call he’s name. He is full of passion and desire to do what ever it takes to make us happy asking as we abide in him. I wish … More He’s everything


You are who you are. You can’t be like Angela, Stacy or Jane. God made us individually unique for a reason. Even twins are different in their own way. Get to know you, know God loves you for your heart. Now it may sound like a contradiction but getting to know God ables you to … More Unique

Facing Reality

You can run but you can’t hide from the truth and the light. Weather now, months or years later you will have to face the reality of what wrongs you have caused. Nothing goes un noticed everything is recorded. I know sometimes it seems like God is allowing the bad people to prosper. But you … More Facing Reality

Mr Ex

Mr Ex……………. I am created by the most high God. A beautiful vessel of Christ yes I now know my beauty. I will no longer be milipilated to love and be treated the way I’m not worth. My heart was broken but now it’s mended. Mr Ex I wish you knew the love I discovered … More Mr Ex

Honour God

Why do some find it so hard to give the glory and honour to God. If coincidence was the reason I multiplied this season, or found a job, or went to college, or got a house, or past my driving test ect that would be a lie. Yes everything happens for a reason, that reason … More Honour God

No compromise

No compromise! There should be no excuse. If you want to do something you will do it. So if you want to have a righteous relationship with Christ there will be no excuses humanity will not be your excuse for ever sin, but you will take responsibilities for every action “YOU” choose to take. Just … More No compromise

Put him first

When God gave you a dream or a vision did you for fill it the way he desired you to? Did you consider him in decisions you made? And then we wonder why things don’t go according to plan. Nothing can go right or last without Gods direction. Put him first and everything else will … More Put him first