Connections are deep especially in a relationship term. How can we be wanting a husband when there is no room for him. How can we want a relationship when our soul is still tied to the ex. Ladies if you are single let us be content in it God is preparing you he is shaping … More Connections


So the bible says you should wait for your partner and is not to have sex before marriage well I have gone past that barrier 5kids in 2 baby fathers no husband and still waiting for the one. Then something clicked was I actually ready for a husband I remember watching Juanita Bynum no more … More Waiting


This week i have made a decision. Working and being a mum isn’t easy, but what is even harder is working knowing you ain’t going anywhere in a job you don’t want to be in. Me and retail don’t work well to be honest me and people telling me what to do doesn’t work lol! … More Decisions