Courting vs Dating

When your COURTING you still WALKING in He’s word doing He’s will. When your DATING you still RATING floating keeping options open. Let God be your FOUNDATION, build a friendship and by then you should know if He/She is the one you be PURSING to be a Husband or a Wife! #DesiretoInspire

Gods Pattern

Are you doing everything according to the pattern meaning are you doing everything according to the order and instruction of The Lord. Believe it or not it’s he’s way or the high way. Then we seat there and wonder why things are not going according to plan. Was the plan agreed with by the lord, … More Gods Pattern


Love does not substitute. It does not love some parts of you and hate other parts. It doesn’t depend on you status you have in life or who you hang around. Love is unconditional what ever your flaws. Love doesn’t switch on and off like a light switch. Love is kind, it doesn’t judge or … More Love